Credit Application

Would you like to pay B2B via a Purchase Order (PO?). We can accept PO's of all shapes and sizes, and we are happy acknowledge them! Because they cost more to process at iMetals Group, we prefer PO orders are for more than $100. If you can, please keep our prices low by placing orders for less than $100 on a credit card via the normal online process. (There is a text box to enter your PO number online)

Ready to apply or set us up as a vendor? Here's all of the information, and answers you may have regarding iMetals Group credit facility accounts.

What to do:
Setting up your iMetals Group credit account is easy. Simply download, and complete the credit application, and return it to us via email at [email protected]

We are able to approve/seek further information regarding your credit application in one to two days, so we hope there is a minimal delay in any pending orders you may have?

(If your application is approved, we'll process any orders as; Net EOM +15 days, and e-mail your order confirmation. Otherwise, we'll call to let you know, and discuss other payment options.)

Please complete:
Credit Application  Download

Where to send applications;
Innovation Metals Pty Ltd T/as: iMetals Group, iMetals Australia, iMetals America and iMetals Europe
PO Box 329
NSW 2087
Email: [email protected]

Credit application Q&A:

Do I have to apply for my credit facility first, before placing my order? Yes, we cannot acknowledge orders until the credit application is approved. Please complete the credit application and submit for consideration. We'll take care of the rest!

Once I'm approved, will I have to change the way that I order? Not at all! Just log in, place your order as usual, and select "Pay by PO" as your payment method.

What are the credit terms? Net EOM +15 Days. (From the invoice date.)
• Customer understands the entire invoice amount is due within 15 days of the following month the invoice date or receipt of goods.
• In iMetals Group terms: If we invoice in any month, we expect settlement on or before the 15th day of the following month.

What if I want to set up or change my account to Net; EOM +30 or +60 days? Unfortunately, we cannot do it. All of our credit accounts are Net; EOM +15 days.

Does iMetals Group offer a discount if I pay early? No. We do not have discounts for paying early, or fees for paying late.

Does iMetals Group have a minimum PO amount? iMetals Group does not have any minimums for small quantities.  However, we would certainly appreciate it if you placed orders for less than $100 on a credit card.

Can I pay my credit facility invoices with my credit card? Definitely. Just call us with your credit card info, and invoice numbers.

Late Payments: Any customer whose’s account is over EOM +15 days from the date of the invoice, may be placed on credit hold, at which point, no additional orders will be accepted until the past due balance is paid in full.

In the event a customer's account is sent to a collection agency, the customer will remain liable for full invoice amounts, and will be unable to purchase material from iMetals Group via any payment method until the entire debt is paid. At that point, their account will become the standard payment in advance facility (see our standard Conditions of Sale).