Be found on the iMetals Group site

At iMetals Group, providing product information and the lowest prices to our users has been the focus for the last few years, and it is still part of our focus today.  However, our primary goal is be the game changer in the global market for the source and supply of engineering materials.  Although price is important, we understand; quality, certification, availability and traceability far outweigh a simple cheap price.


Suppliers should be easily found and compete online through opportunities to advertise their products and prices on the iMetals Group marketplace.


We have a dedicated sales team that provide bespoke advice to suppliers wanting to be part of the iMetals Group site.  They maintain ongoing relationships with suppliers, undertake the supplier audit, and better understand their needs and objectives.


We strongly believe that the number of buyers accessing our website makes iMetals Group an important marketing channel for our suppliers.


Contact for Suppliers

Do you have any questions?  Contact [email protected]


Our Business Model

Price comparison platforms for such industries as travel have gained a prominent role in the booking value chain, enabling users to simultaneously navigate through multiple options available and compare prices.  This is the same principle with iMetals Group, we allow users to make informed decisions about quality, certification, traceability, availability and price.

Suppliers can advertise their products on iMetals Group at a pay per click basis, and small percentage of the total invoice to the customer.  All suppliers are given an exclusive login, to be able to track/measure their product views in real time.


Direct Connect for Suppliers

iMetals Group allows suppliers to upload their logo, and their business address next to the product offered on the platform.  Although, the transaction is managed by iMetals Group, the buyer can choose which supplier they wish to have the product sourced from.